Network Optimizations for 360-degree Video Streaming

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360-degree video stream has the problems of unnecessary data transmission and high quality QoE requirement in the AR/VR network field. The project aims to predict immersive video user behavior information and select appropriate video content based on network delay estimation as well as adjusting video bit rate.

Network Caching Framework

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In content distribution and 5G wireless networks, in-network caching has become an important solution for efficient data transmission in using network resources. Based on the acquisition of transport protocol features (e.g., TCP/IP, ICN, etc.), this project obtains cache metrics and proposes distributed content placement strategies for supporting network cache architecture.

Cloud/Edge computing support Infrastructure Development

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In this project, we developed a lightweight virtual cluster management system, named as Humilis, for enabling adaptable resource management in practice. For the easy transformation from cloud to edge with the network, Humilis decouples the control module, computing module and storage module in order to fit the uncertain requirements of edge computing. This design offers flexibility in allocating the virtual instances disk files in a shared disk manner or non-shared disk manner. In this architecture, a mobile user exploits virtual machine (VM) technology to instantiate customized service software on a nearby cloudlet rapidly, and then uses that service over a wireless connection.